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We create consistent, compelling and relevant digital content, connecting human to human.



. . . and so are your customers which is why it’s vitally important for your online content (blogs, social media, LinkedIn articles, website copy and newsletters) to connect with them in a way that’s relevant to their lives.

HUMAN to HUMAN combines 15 years of mainstream journalism experience with specialist PR knowledge to produce content that people genuinely want to read, helping you connect with your customers on an influential and human level. 

What makes us different? 


Content for the sake of content is just noise. Your customers won’t react to it. Our content goes deeper.

Using our editorial expertise, we create content that’s genuinely compelling and influential. We bring your content alive.

We can help you use your online presence to develop a relationship with your customers where they know you, like you, trust you and, ultimately, buy from you.

Want to know the three critical components of online content that comes alive (and how we can use our expertise to achieve that)?

Let's go. . .

Human to Human online content creation






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(Getting to know you...)

(Starting to like you...)

(Coming to trust you...)

Human to Human online content creation

Your customers are selective - they want to quickly and easily understand who you are, where you’ve come from and what you stand for. That comes from consistent, thought-out, well written content that gives readers an insight into your company, your people, your product and your level of service.

Letting people get to know you is a powerful way to mark yourself out from your competitors, raise brand awareness and make sure you’re at the forefront of your customers’ mind when they decide how to spend their money.  Most businesses aren’t confident in their own ability to write skilful, interesting and informative copy and don’t know what to write about. Chances are, you don’t realise the potential of your own story or see the wealth of knowledge you possess that would connect and resonate with your customers.


Drawing on over 15 years journalistic experience, we know exactly what to write about. We’ve written for the likes of the BBC, the Guardian, the Telegraph and dozens of well-known magazines, where finding the most interesting angle is imperative for selling issues so we know how to write content people want to read, making it easy for your customers to get to know you.

We’ve interviewed everyone from celebrities, musicians, politicians and Olympians to CEOs, managers and shopfloor employees so we know how to draw out the information we need to really bring your content alive.

Getting to know you


Human to Human online content creation
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Humans do business with other humans - especially those they like.  If you want people to connect with your business, they have to like your content. To do that, your content needs to be high quality and well-written.

Customers can spot half-hearted, repetitive content a mile off and those are the negative characteristics they will instinctively attribute to your business. You can’t force people to read, like, share and ultimately act upon the content you publish but if you can make it enjoyable to read and demonstrate your understanding of what they want and what they value, they’ll keep coming back to your website for more, they’ll share what they like on social media and, when they’re ready to spend their money, they’ll remember your brand.


We bring your content alive. With a long journalist background, it's not in our blood to write dry, bland business copy that blends into the background. We write with the same editorial standards as the articles your customers pay to consume in magazines and newspapers.

We know how to make even the most complex subjects accessible and we’ll work with you to find angles and topics your customers genuinely want to read about, while raising your brand awareness. With a unique blend of both journalism and specialist PR knowledge, we know exactly how to strike the right balance between promoting your business, and creating content that draws people in.

Starting to like you


Coming to trust you
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Human to Human online content creation


(and, ultimately buy from you)

Two important factors establish trust online – authority and consistency.


High quality content with an authoritative voice can be the most powerful way to show your customers that you know your stuff and they can buy with confidence. Working with us, we help you uncover expert knowledge you forgot you had, draw out ideas and present them with clarity and authority on a regular basis. Which brings us to consistency…

Creating original content on an ongoing basis is a challenge for most businesses, but randomly published content with no overview or strategy can actually work against you by making you appear unreliable and flaky. A lot of businesses start a blog with bounds of enthusiasm, only to get distracted by the daily demands of running a company and lose focus, unintentionally making a negative online statement about their dependability when the regularity and quality of the content peters out. You don’t have to post constantly, but to earn trust, you do have to post consistently.


HUMAN to HUMAN brings together both journalistic expertise and PR specialism with a career history of working with businesses to create ‘thought leaders’.  A decade of working in journalism, in combination with experience as a BBC-trained researcher, has not only honed razor sharp writing skills, but also the ability to interview effectively and gather the information we need to write your copy without diverting your attention from your day to day work.

We’re not a big, grandiose agency which means our pricing is non-prohibitive for small-medium businesses. We know that consistency is key to letting your customers know, like and trust you through your online content, so a realistic budget enables us to build a long term, ongoing relationship with you publishing sustainably high-quality content on a regular basis.


HUMAN to HUMAN is a specialist content creation agency working with small to medium businesses to make the most of your website and social media channels by regularly publishing high-quality, editorial-standard content including blogs, tweets, articles, posts, e-books and newsletters.



Founded on a basis of both PR specialism and high-profile journalistic experience, our point of difference is our proven ability to write content that people want to read, telling stories that businesses want to tell and creating the online persona your brand wants to portray.


The structure of our process, and our ability to transfer journalistic interviewing and research skills to draw out the information efficiently, means your content stays fresh, imaginative, strategic and consistently high quality without your focus being pulled away from your day-to-day to-do list.


Our realistic pricing is designed to foster a long-term relationship with you which, in turn, enables you to demonstrate consistency to your customers by providing them with regular, information-rich, interesting, useful content through your online space.

Need more than written content? Our experienced design team eat, sleep and breathe visual content and can create anything from bespoke infographics, straightforward charts and graphs to complex graphics to add interest to your site or explain a difficult subject more simply.  Either as part of an ongoing package, or as a one-off project, our designers can create what you require, working to your brand guidelines in your house-style.

Want to know more about the analytics behind your content? Our Digital experts can provide easy to digest information on how your content is performing.  We know analytics can be overwhelming but our Digital team don't need to use fancy jargon to try and sound clever  - they'll simply give you insights into how customers are finding and viewing your content and which social media is working best, so we can do more of what works.

About us
Meet the team


Rarely seen without a pen or a strong coffee in hand, these are the humans…

Human to Human Polly headshot

Polly Berrido

HUMAN to HUMAN was founded by former journalist and PR specialist Polly Berrido to offer online content that’s a little bit different. With a unique combination of senior PR experience, following more than a decade working as a widely-published journalist in mainstream media, she’s an experienced writer with an invaluable depth of knowledge from both sides of the industry - creating stories that consumers want to read and that brands want to tell.

As a BBC trained journalist, Polly’s career includes 10 years working in high-profile, world-renowned media – including BBC, ITV, Channel 4, BFBS, Immedia, Newsquest and Trinity Mirror - and 5 years on the other side of the fence, telling stories from a business/brand perspective reaching hundreds of thousands of readers.


Polly has written for every type of audience in print publications and online from large and national – BBC News, Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Glamour Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Psychologies, Men’s Health – to more niche, targeted markets such as Recruitment International, Elite Business and Train magazine.

She is a prolific and talented writer creating content for businesses to build their online persona by applying the same high standards as mainstream journalism. 

That, and drinking coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

Human to Human Dan headshot

Dan Robinson Miller

HUMAN to HUMAN’s creator of online visual content (also known as Head of Colouring-In) Dan Robinson Miller has been working as a professional designer and illustrator for more than 16 years.


His work has been seen by millions, featured in national magazines and newspapers, on websites, album covers, posters, book illustrations, prime time television and on billboards covering the side of landmark London buildings.

From illustration, infographics and design projects for some of the biggest corporations in the UK to commissions for start ups and individuals, Dan has proven himself to be truly versatile with a career history encompassing heading up large creative in-house agency teams to creating artwork and illustrations as an in-demand professional artist.

He’s created online visual content for every size of business from individuals to multi-nationals and can make pretty much any subject look awesome from transport to pharmaceuticals, medical, retail, engineering and education.

He likes to think he’s manly but he drinks vanilla lattes.


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