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Got Content…Now What? Part 2: Top 15 Tips for Publishing Content on LinkedIn

Our previous blog took a look at how to use your content effectively on Twitter but the social media platform that clients ask me about most often is, without doubt, LinkedIn.

Personally, I’m a massive fan of LinkedIn. As one of the few platforms championing long form content, LinkedIn is the ideal place for your voice to be heard.

Our clients have won new clients and booked speaking engagements on the back of articles we published on LinkedIn.

High quality content on LinkedIn can really showcase your business with genuine depth where other platforms struggle and the changes it’s undergoing will only strengthen its position in the social media market.

Need some stats to back that up? LinkedIn is world’s largest and most successful platform for B2B lead generation and the number 1 channel for distributing business led content. Using LinkedIn creates access to a huge network - 106 million unique users visit monthly; 40% of users checked LinkedIn daily and 1/3 of all professionals on the planet are on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook or Twitter and you’ll be reaching a unique audience as 59% of users don’t use Twitter.

"87% of users trust LinkedIn as a source of information

that affects decision making"

It’s also a very trusted medium - 87% of users trust LinkedIn as a source of information that affects decision making.

LinkedIn is powerful in helping you to raise awareness with a targeted, interested audience, build influence, create relationships with like-minded professionals and start a two-way dialogue to share expertise, best practice and build a network.

So, how do you do it?

Making the Most of LinkedIn

1.There are 2 types of pages on LinkedIn – Company pages and Individual pages. While you should have both, you can only post articles on Individual pages. However, you can include the link in ‘updates’ on your company page.

2.To post an article, select ‘Publish an article’ from your personal profile page.

3.Follow the steps to copy and paste the content but try to include a lot of white space and considered formatting to ensure readability.

4. To break up the text a little, consider using ‘pull quotes’ to highlight relevant phrases. We would suggest 2 or 3 pull quotes in an article. Each quote should only be a sentence or two and repeated from the article itself.

5. Use sub-headings to make the text easier to scan.

6. Remember to include a ‘boilerplate’ at the end of the article which contains your contact details and a call to action.

7. Remember to include a relevant picture. You can try free stock libraries like or you can sign up to a paid stock library like

8. If you need a step-by-step explanation of how to upload your article, this is a useful one

9. Once you have published on your individual page, copy the link and post an ‘update’ on your company page to make sure the content will also be found by those looking at your company page.

10. To fully utilize LinkedIn, post regular status updates yourself (similar to Twitter) showcasing interesting content for your audience. What topics do you want your brand to be thought of in connection with? What do you want to be known as an expert in? Post content that resonates with your brand.

11. Join in conversations – look at other people’s updates and start chatting. LinkedIn is a great forum for some intelligent business related discussions.

12. Spend time networking and growing your connections and followers on LinkedIn to get more exposure for your posts.

13. Every article you publish on LinkedIn will get its own url so promote your LinkedIn article outside of LinkedIn (through other social media channels or your email list) to draw more people to your page.

14. Get into the habit of sending a connection request to every customer or client you have the details of in order to build your following.

15. Set up a Google Alert or similar to follow news on LinkedIn as it continues to evolve. There will undoubtedly be further changes in 2017, so stay up to date with how the platform is getting better and better!

"The strength of your social media is determined by the strength of your content and how well you use that content."

If you'd like some help with your content, check out our packages or get in touch to chat about a more bespoke solution.


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